lAKE fOREST pARKS, recreation, oPEN sPACE, and trails plan (PROST)

The 2017 PROST plan will assess how well the city’s parks, open spaces, and programs are serving the community and propose improvements and changes to meet evolving needs. 


 Specific goals of the plan are to:

  • Assess the current state of the city’s parks, open spaces, and recreational programs
  •  Determine the level of service provided 
  • Raise public awareness of parks and recreational programs
  • Identify needs and wishes for future improvements
  • Anticipate future growth, demographic changes, and recreational trends
  • Outline a capital improvement plan identifying future improvements and acquisitions


This PROST plan will be developed with attention to state agency requirements and the city of Lake Forest Park plans, requirements and agency service agreements including:

  • State of Washington Growth Management Act - Comprehensive plans require “A park and recreation element that implements, and is consistent with, the capital facilities plan element as it relates to park and recreation facilities"
  • Recreation and Conservation Office - A state agency that “manages several grant programs to create outdoor recreation opportunities, protect the best of the state’s wildlife habitat and farmland, and help return salmon from near extinction.”  To be eligible for grant funding, a municipality must have adopted a recreation or conservation plan prior to applying for a grant.  Once a municipality has a plan adopted, it is eligible for 6 years. 
  • Lake Forest Park Municipal Code
  • Lake Forest Park Comprehensive Plan
  • Town Center Subarea Plan
  • Lake Forest Park Capital Improvement Plan
  • 100 Year Legacy Plan 2008
  • Safe Streets Plan 2017
  • Southern Gateway Subarea Plan 2012
  • Lyon Creek Culvert Replacement Study 2017
  • City of Shoreline Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan

This PROST plan will form a 6-year capital improvement plan informing near-term and long-term city budgeting, procurement, and construction.